Endless Woven Belt

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Endless woven belt is a type of belt made without any joint. They are suitable solutions for applications requiring greater belt strength, higher moisture absorption, and extreme accuracy. You could normally find them in food industries such as dough and biscuit processing.

The belt bases contain fabrics, which consist of many natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, linen, polyamide, polyester and aramid. Furthermore, a whole range of materials and profiles coats the belt perfectly. Thus resulting in a high-quality belt made exactly for your purpose of use.

In cases where a splice could be a potential risk or when you need uniform belt characteristics, custom made Endless Woven Belts will do the job.

Used For: Rotary Cutter, Rotary Moulder, General Conveying

Thickness: 1,8mm – 2,8mm

Knife Edge: 3mm – 6mm

Brands: Ammeraal Beltech, Marathon


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